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If only we aged this gracefully!

Debuting in 1995, the Midas XL4 still occupies the status of the most powerful analogue desks in the world. With a great sound and unmatched signal to noise ratio, it really is the engineer’s choice when mixing FOH on an analogue console.

What makes a Midas XL4 console special besides being top notch?

As with all Midas consoles the XL4 has fully interchangeable modules allowing the desk to easily be configured as required. Each of the 24 mono channels has 4 bands of fully parametric EQ, direct output with a level control on the front panel, 16 mono and 4 stereo auxiliaries, 10 assignable mute and 12 assignable VCA groups. Each channel has its own switchable pre/post fade half-normalised insert point which can be accessed VIA a bantam patch on the remote patchbay.

The XL4 was designed around the classic high quality associated with analogue circuitry which was proven with the XL3 Live Performance and Theatre console. The requirements associated with the broadcast environment was designed into the original XL4 specification. These include moving faders on all 12 VCA's including remote machine starts, instant access to AFL/PFL, Snapshot automation to include audio follow video, direct outputs on each input, 16 Mic/Line level returns with VCA routing for total control over effects and ambient microphones as well as full communications module.


  • 24 * Mic Inputs / Line Inputs / Direct Outputs
  • 16 Audio Sub Groups
  • 16 mono Aux Send
  • 4 Stereo Aux Send
  • 4 band fully parametric EQ
  • Input/Output Metering
  • VCA and Mute Busses
  • 16 Group Aux Inputs ( 48V Mic/Line )
  • Matrix
  • Automutes
  • 10 Input VCA Faders
  • VCA Moving Fader Automation

Still by far the most desirable and rentable analogue console in the world of 2016.

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